2021: Basil’s War

Hunter’s latest novel – Basil’s War – introduces a new lead character for fans, Basil St. Florian. Basil is an English secret agent in the early days of World War Two. His life is charmed, from his ability to learn to fly on the job, to avoiding sticky wickets with his girlfriends – and their husbands.

Longtime Hunter fans know he’s fascinated with World War Two – not just from Bob Lee Swagger’s dad Earl, but from Hunter’s several early novels that were – like Basil’s War – historical fiction set in World War Two (Master Sniper, his first, was 100% historical fiction of WWII) that did not involve any Swaggers.

It’s a fast, fun read – and would lend itself to more books in a series. We’ll see if that’s where Hunter wants to take him.