2015 I, Ripper

One of the most told stories in the English language is that of Jack the Ripper, the notorious serial killer of Victorian England’s London. But Hunter tells it best of them all.

The books starts with the killer’s diary entry of August 31, 1888 with: “When I cut the woman’s throat…” in case there is any doubt about Hunter’s subject.

It cuts back and forth between the killer’s diary and the narrative of “Jeb”, a young man trying to break into the newspaper business. By being in the right place and right time, he becomes the reporter who drives the story. You can see Hunter’s reveling in the minutiae of news reporting at the dawn of electricity.

Struck by the masterful but recently published Sherlock Holmes mystery, Jeb finds a fellow crime solver who makes the perfect Sherlock to Jeb’s Watson, and together they solve the crime. Or do they?

A very fun read.

I, Ripper: A Novel (Mass Market Paperback)

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