2014 Sniper’s Honor

A favorite.

The female protagonist, a reporter, has never been in combat until now. As hostilities prepare to commence, she seeks something to think about that won’t leave her panicked… something besides her family back home… so she turns to the decades she worked in American newsrooms:

“She knew that she had been so lucky to live her life in newsrooms, among funny, ironic, not terribly serous people, some geniuses, some hacks, some fools, some crazy…There was a guy who had become a TV producer, another who wrote some novels…”

And thank heavens for the one who wrote some novels.

Sniper’s Honor is rooted in World War Two (the history of which is one of Hunter’s areas of interest and extreme technical expertise) as Bob Lee Swagger, now 68 and bored with his quiet life in Arizona, with the kids all grown and gone, and his wife managing the business, answers his reporter friend’s call to help unravel a 70-year-old mystery, still unsolved along the German-Russian front, in the Ukraine.

Hunter moves effortlessly through the decades, rotating chapters between Hunter’s present-day investigation into the “White Witch” and the “White Witch” herself – a Russian sniper of that era who was mysteriously erased from history after her mission on the then-front failed – or did not fail – it’s tough to tell, initially.

From the paperback back cover:

It takes a sniper to know a sniper. Seventy years after one of Russia’s most decorated World War II snipers vanishes from history, Bob Lee Swagger picks up her trail, traveling across oceans and time to understand the forces that conspired to silence her. As modern eneimies pursue him through the streets and mountains of Ukraine, Swagger will not rest until he brings Mili Petrova the justice he believes she was denied. From the Battle of Kursk – the largest armored engagement in history – to a thrilling modern-day manhunt among fanatical terrorists, shrews Mossad operators, and the greatest sniper to ever handle a rifle, Sniper’s Honor is a tour de force from one of the greatest thriller writers ever to pick up a pen.