2013 The Third Bullet

Hunter’s only self-biography. Kidding.

However, his novel that takes on the much-discussed Kennedy assassination starts with a reporter who has been tipped a new clue, a gun-solvent stained coat found in the building across the street from the Dallas Book Repository. The reporter is clearly created after Hunter himself. Audacious! Evn more audacious is Hunter then killing himself off, setting the stage for the character’s widow “Jean”(!) to interest Bob Lee Swagger in taking the case.

From that first chapter, Hunter’s take on JFK is quite fascinating. It smacks of authenticity, the result of (as  Hunter notes) his “good-faith effort to play fair by the data established in The Warren Commission Report, Case Closed by Gerald Posner, and Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi. Lee Harvey Oswald is always where those volumes say he was, and he always does what they say he did.”

One of the best of the later Bob Lee Swagger novels.

The Third Bullet (Bob Lee Swagger) (Mass Market Paperback)

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