1996: Point of Impact

This book rocketed Hunter to critical and commercial bestseller stardom, and introduced readers to Bob Lee Swagger – the very embodiment of a deep and powerful national pride. And now it will be made a movie.  From the hardcover dustjacket: 

He was one of the best Marine Snipers in Vietnam. He can hit you from three-quarters of a mile away before you even hear the shot.  Some call him the most dangerous man alive. Now if he can just stay alive…  Bob Lee Swagger lives in a trailer among his native Ouachita Mountains above the town of Blue Eye, Arkansas. Back in the jungles of Vietnam he was known as “Bob The Nailer” for his eighty-seven kills. Today, twenty years later, disgruntled hero of an unheroic war, all Bob wants is to be left alone.  But he knows more about killing, one-on-one, than any other individual in America, and that makes him the perfect man for the job.  The job has been designed by RamDyne Security, a shadowy organization with ties to military intelligence and the CIA.  With consummate psychological skill RamDyne seduces Bob into leaving his hills for one last mission for his country, unaware until too late that the game is rigged.  The plan is executed to perfection until the final moment: Bob Lee Swagger, alleged lone gunman, has come out of the operation alive – and on the run.  The headlines proclaim him national hero turned murderer, and he is targeted by every law enforcement agency in the country and by RamDyne’s own killers.  In this ruthless manhunt has has only one ally, FBI agent Nick Memphis, of the New Orleans office.  But Bob is out of his shell for good now, the pursued turned pursuer – and a man who has discovered a capacity for loving that he did not know he had.  As wily as the mastermind who set him up, he is fiercely intent on revenge; as single-minded as ever, he alone sets the terms for that revenge.