1980: The Master Sniper

Hunter’s first – and most sought after by fine book collectors – novel was based on his fascination with World War Two events. Every few years he would set a major swath of a novel within those events, clear up to 2021’s WWII war thriller Basil’s War.

This book was published by William Morrow and Company, then re-released as a paperback in 1996 by Island Books. From the dust jacket:

London, 1945. It has become evident to an office-bound American intelligence analyst, James Leets of the OSS, that deep within the Third Reich one last operation is being planned. Leets doesn’t know much but what he does know terrifies him: it will involve a special man and a special rifle. The man is Repp, of the Waffen SS, of Totenkopf, the Death’s Head Division – Repp, whose bravery and resolve are legendary, and who is called the “Master Sniper.” Repp is the very best in his profession. But the stakes involved are huge, even for Repp.”He’s going to kill somebody. Somebody big,” Leets tells his boss, Tony Outhwaite of British Intelligence. “He’s going to snipe him.”But who?”

Thus begins an extraordinary suspenseful journey across the face of a war and into the deep part of the human heart where the will to murder lurks…