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Read Entry => September 19, 2009 in: -> One Response so far

Killing me. This is just killing me. Stephen Hunter’s publicist has sent me an advance copy of the first review of I, Sniper… penned by Bill Ott, at Booklist, the premiere reviewer of books in America today… and Ott says Hunter’s latest is what we Hunter purists have been holding our breath for, for more […]

Read Entry => August 26, 2009 in: -> One Response so far

Stephen Hunter emailed me his synopsis of I, Sniper tonight. Here it is: Four famed ’60s radicals are gunned down at long range by a demented sniper. The victims include the movie-star ex-wife of media mogul T.T. Constable and a former star couple, now living as academics in Chicago. Under enormous pressure, the FBI quickly […]

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Just heard that Hunter’s publisher is moving the release date of “I, Sniper” back to December 29. Prudence would dictate that you take “I, Sniper” off your Christmas list and instead ask for money.

Read Entry => April 14, 2009 in: , -> 5 Comments so far

Did Stephen Hunter flash to your mind when you heard three Navy Seal snipers had taken out three of the pirates in the Somalian piracy incident this week? I found myself wondering – WWST? What Would Stephen Think? And in this morning’s Wall Street Journal, he pens an article about what he thinks. Lucky us!

Read Entry => February 7, 2009 in: , -> 6 Comments so far

New Book Forthcoming! It’s a rare wet day at the webmasters (we live in the desert) but it brightened a bunch when I got an email from Hunter this morning. He’s planning a new book, set for October. Hunter’s words: “The name is “I, Sniper” and it’s a classic sniper story, a mystery shrouded in […]

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