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Hunter on Imus… More Imus and Hunter here….

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Our man Hunter, on the New York Times Best Seller list? Are the editors on vacation and not paying attention?

Read Entry => December 29, 2009 in: -> One Response so far

I, Sniper was released this week. It’s a great day in Hunterdom. Here’s a couple of very interesting internet sightings of Stephen Hunter: Power Line gets Hunter to write an essay about I, Sniper and TV’s favorite gun guy Michael Bane has a internet video clip of his interview of the Master Author.

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I finished I, Sniper. If you’re one of the whiners who professed disappointment with The 47th Samurai, or Night of Thunder, this one will shut you up. Hunter is right back on the top of the game he mastered with Time To Hunt and Point of Impact. And Clint Eastwood should play Bob Lee for […]

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Mmm, mmm. I, Sniper is the best book Hunter has written since Pale Horse Coming. The story is simply arresting. And simultaneously compelling. I am 130 pages in, and don’t have the digits to count the number of times I paused to think “Holy Shit” – only to drop it and immediately jump right back […]

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Hunter’s coming book tour supporting I, Sniper has been announced: Houston, TX 1/4, Murder by the Book, 6:30 PM Memphis, TN 1/5, Joseph Beth Booksellers, 6 PM Oxford, MS 1/6, Square Books, 5 PM Jackson, MS 1/7, Lemuria Books, 5 PM Maryland/Virginia 1/9, Sam’s Club (Annapolis, MD), 12 PM 1/21, Borders (Bailey’s Crossroads, VA), 7:30 […]

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Kirkus reports in with a thumbs-up review of I, Sniper: In his guns-a-poppin’ latest, Hunter pits his series hero (Night of Thunder, 2007, etc.) against a nest of sharp-shooting vipers. For a while, Carl Hitchcock was viewed as the ultimate warrior: a super marine, a sniper extraordinaire, none more famous. Credited with 93 kills in […]

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And Publishers Weekly says…. Bestseller Hunter keeps Bob Lee Swagger, his home-spun, hard-charging hero, doing what Swagger does best in his sixth novel to feature the former Marine sniper: thwarting the authorities, staying loyal to a disappearing code of honor and hunting down evildoers who deserve everything they get. When a sniper shoots dead Joan […]

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Library Journal says: Hunter’s thrillers are always taut, exciting, and well written, and his latest is no exception. There’s also a lot of gun and tech talk as Swagger uses decades’ worth of skills to stay a step or three ahead of the baddies. Swagger fans will not be disappointed.

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Here’s Booklist’s review of I, Sniper written by Bill Ott… Bob Lee Swagger, former Vietnam sniper, has been out of his element lately—tangling with a killer who uses his car as a weapon (Night of Thunder, 2008) and swapping his rifle for a sword (The 47th Samurai, 2007), but this time, he’s back in his […]

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