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Mmm, mmm. I, Sniper is the best book Hunter has written since Pale Horse Coming. The story is simply arresting. And simultaneously compelling. I am 130 pages in, and don’t have the digits to count the number of times I paused to think “Holy Shit” – only to drop it and immediately jump right back […]

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A reader writes: I, too, am fascinated by the order in which the Swagger books should be read.  However, I take the approach that one should read the Earl Swagger books first, when Bob Lee is growing up.  This would make the chronology a time line of Bob Lee’s life, from youth to almost senior […]

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New Book Forthcoming! It’s a rare wet day at the webmasters (we live in the desert) but it brightened a bunch when I got an email from Hunter this morning. He’s planning a new book, set for October. Hunter’s words: “The name is “I, Sniper” and it’s a classic sniper story, a mystery shrouded in […]

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This weekend, I converted the “News” section of to a WordPress blog. That means you can leave comments on any news story, as well as subscribe via RSS feed so you can read Hunter news as soon as I post it here. Last weekend (heh!) I had the pleasure of reading the Advance Reader’s […]

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It’s been a big weekend. Somehow, I have made major inroads with my to-do list. One of the older items was a cool essay emailed to me by Weyman Swagger, the veteran Washington-area newspaperman whose name Stephen Hunter borrowed more than a decade ago for the name of the protagonist in his comeback novel, Point […]

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The July edition of Booklist offers a strong and positive review for Hunter’s new Bob Lee Swagger novel, The 47th Samurai.

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Stephen Hunter emailed me to report that with Paramount’s film version of Point of Impact (see story below) a new edition of Point of Impact will be released. But the bigger news is Simon & Schuster will publish Hunter’s new Bob Lee Swagger novel, titled “The 47th Samurai” in September of 2007.

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Paramount Pictures is still four months from the release date of Shooter, the upcoming movie based on Hunter’s Point of Impact, but details are starting to emerge. Here is the Internet Movie Database link, which they will update as info arrives… and this is Bob Lee Swagger: Mark Wahlburg plays the role of Bob Lee… […]

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I got a letter from Stephen Hunter today. In it, he answers some of your most frequently asked questions over the past few months… Pale Horse Coming will be out in October. S&S is knocking themselves out to get it into stores then, because it seems there’s a hole in the scheduling when none of […]