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Hunter’s coming book tour supporting I, Sniper has been announced: Houston, TX 1/4, Murder by the Book, 6:30 PM Memphis, TN 1/5, Joseph Beth Booksellers, 6 PM Oxford, MS 1/6, Square Books, 5 PM Jackson, MS 1/7, Lemuria Books, 5 PM Maryland/Virginia 1/9, Sam’s Club (Annapolis, MD), 12 PM 1/21, Borders (Bailey’s Crossroads, VA), 7:30 […]

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This was the weekend Stephen Hunter was down in Bristol, TN, guest speaking at a library festival as first reported here back in January. The director of the library system in Bristol has a blog, which he used to publish a review of yesterday’s excitement. In it, he finds Hunter’s comments about libraries worth repeating: […]

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Stephen Hunter has been announced as a speaker in Bristol, TN. Here are the details.