New Book Forthcoming!

It’s a rare wet day at the webmasters (we live in the desert) but it brightened a bunch when I got an email from Hunter this morning. He’s planning a new book, set for October. Hunter’s words: “The name is “I, Sniper” and it’s a classic sniper story, a mystery shrouded in the intricacies of shooting for blood at long distance which leads our hero Bob Lee Swagger to unravel a spectacularly unsavory conspiracy, with nothing less than the honor of the men at the tip of the tip of the tip of the spear at stake. Great fun. I will be on tour for it in October. It’s a really cool book, that harkens back to “Point of Impact” but also pushes into cutting edge technology. Now all I have to do is finish the goddamn thing. From Simon & Schuster, naturally. Thanks and best. “