I finished I, Sniper. If you’re one of the whiners who professed disappointment with The 47th Samurai, or Night of Thunder, this one will shut you up. Hunter is right back on the top of the game he mastered with Time To Hunt and Point of Impact. And Clint Eastwood should play Bob Lee for the movie.

If you’re planning on purchasing a copy of I, Sniper in the after-Christmas sales, you should be thinking ahead to your next book excusion. I, Sniper is not a particularly fast read, like Night of Thunder was, but it’s so good you’ll call in sick to work in order to keep reading.

So the next book I’m reading is Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia. Somebody on the web recommended “If you like Stephen Hunter books, you’ll like this one…” so I bought it. It’s good. But it’s also got a great story behind the book… Correia is a thirties-something fella from Utah who self-published his book to such favorable response that a real publisher picked it up. Check Correia and his book out here. If you order a book directly from Correia, I recommend you add $3 for the patch – later, you’ll be sorry that you didn’t. I am.