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1998 – Time To Hunt

The third Bob Lee Swagger book

During the latter days of the Vietnam War, deep in-country, a young idealistic Marine named Donny Fenn was cut down by a sniper’s bullet as he set out on patrol with Swagger, who himself received a grievous wound. Years later Swagger married Donny’s widow, Julie, and together they raise their daughter, Nikki, on a ranch in the isolated Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. Although he struggles with the painful legacy of Vietnam, Swagger’s greatest wish–to leave his violent past behind and live quietly with his family–seems to have come true.Then one idyllic day, a man, a woman, and a girl set out from the ranch on horseback. High on a ridge above a mountain pass, a thousand yards distant, a calm, cold-eyed shooter, one of the world’s greatest marksmen, peers through a telescopic sight at the three approaching figures.

Out of his tortured past, a mortal enemy has once again found Bob the Nailer. Time to Hunt proves anew why so many consider Stephen Hunter to be our best living thriller writer. With a plot that sweeps from the killing fields of Vietnam to the corridors of power in Washington to the shadowy plots of the new world order, Hunter delivers all the complex, stay-up-all-night action his fans demand in a masterful tale of family heartbreak and international intrigue–and shows why, for Bob Lee Swagger, it’s once again time to hunt.

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18 Responses to “1998 – Time To Hunt”

  1. Shannon Branch Says:

    This is the one that started it all for me. I had no idea what kind of trouble i had gtoten myself into i could not find Mr. hunter’s books fast enough, and since I just finished night of thunder the wait begins again. I wonder if we are going to see nikki getting into some of the old swagger trouble? Great books from a fan as long as you write them.

  2. Ron Says:

    Question. In Time to Hunt, Mr Hunter brings a large question of why Solaratov used an M1 to get the hit against Donny and Bob Lee rather than the M70. Unless I missed something , that question wasn't answered. Why the Garand? Help me out here please.. Thanks, Ron

  3. paul Says:

    quite honestly the big vietnam gunfight was the most riveting story i have ever read.i read this and point of impact about 2 times a year,i prefer bob lee to earl but they are both superb characters.

  4. Dave Says:

    I believe the point of the Garand was to get the second shot away almost immediately. The first shot which struck Bob was meant to draw Donny into the open, as Donny was the real target. The shooter wouldn't have been able to make the shot on Donny if he had to manipulate the bolt action.

  5. Ann Says:

    Hadn’t read any of Hunter’s books for quite a while since I thought I’d exhausted the supply in my library, but just found another one that I hadn’t read. Even though I don’t shoot, was not in the military (in fact, am a Quaker) I am reminded how much I liked all of his books… and how well he uses the English language, which is a plus for me.

  6. Count Stagger Says:

    Just a cracking, great, epic novel, ambitious in scope and living up to its promise. Thriller writing at its best.

  7. Jack Says:

    Oh wow was this book amazing or what? I haven’t seen anybody get guns down as good as Hunter. And not pistols. I’m talking about rifles, loads, bullets, stocks, barrels, scopes. Boy it’s amazing!

  8. Terry McDaniel Says:

    Question for the military rifle experts: Is the M-1 Garand an accurate enough rifle to make the shot? While I totally agree with Patton that it is “the finest battle rifle ever made”, I’ve never read much about it being “sniper accurate”.

  9. Jack Says:

    If it was a good match or sniper grade M1, the chance of a 1400 yard shot is decent. The big thing was that the scope wouldn’t have enough windage adjustment either. They used them open sights for service rifle competitions out to 1000 yards(!)If the right ammunition and a top tier shooter (like Solaratov) were in the equation a hit on a man sized target is possible. Try this.
    I know it’s not quite 1400, but it proves what a good rifle can do.

  10. Philip Tyre Says:

    “Daddy’s Home.” The greatest climactic line in middlebrow fiction. This would work great in a movie.

  11. Marqus Says:

    This one in my opinion is the best. No other book has ever dumped that much of my adrenaline into my system. I just couldn’t will myself to put it down.

  12. Sy Richards Says:

    On page 258 of Time to Hunt, a soldier says, “In 1967, a gunny named Carl Hitchcock went home with 93 kills”. He must be referring to real life Carlos Hathcock whose story was told by Charles Henderson in his book “Marine Sniper”. Did Stephen Hunter make a mistake? Or was there a reason he didn’t use the correct name of Carlos Hathcock?? Could someone please tell me.


    Guys….i did not understand the last part..??
    why did…BONSON killed pashim…and why did he killed trig and other guys..??

  14. mickey Says:

    in the Third Bullet, Hunter says Memphis killed Lon. Which book is that in?


  15. Ted Says:

    In beginning of book (I am now reading the ones I had missed) there is a description of rifle Rem 700 in HS w/krieger barrel – Jewell Trigger — shouldn’t this have been 4 oz not 4#’s ???

  16. aRdent Says:

    For all the excellent detail in Hunter’s books (which I am thoroughly enjoying) I was surprised that he missed some small detail about the PRC-77 radio in “Time to Hunt.” As a former USMC 2531 myself, it jumped out at me. The frequency he and Donnie are listening in on to hear the faint call from the FOB under attack, 79.92MHz, cannot be done on this radio. The AN/PRC-77 (RT-841) has a range of 30.00 to 75.95 MHz, and channel settings are in .05 MHz increments. He also has Donnie “pressing the receive button” but there isn’t one. The set is on receive any time it is on (for other than specialized modes like relay), you have to press transmit on handset or other device to take it out of receive, but these are spring-loaded, so it goes back to receive when you let go. I know it’s nitpicking, but so many other details are very well researched, just wonder why this was left out in the breeze as it would be easy to check and fix. The older PRC-25 has the same frequency limits too. Anyway, keep writing Mr. Hunter and I’ll keep buying and enjoying these.

  17. ivan enfinger Says:

    Nick Memphis kills Lon in point of impact

  18. ivan enfinger Says:

    I believe he changes the names on most of his characters that are based on real people so he can change facts about their lives to fit his story

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