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Fourteen Novels

Stephen Hunter has written 14 novels, two compilations of movie reviews, and a non-fiction history book.

In my humble opinion, it's very close, but his very best is still Point of Impact. Don't take my word for it - I'm just the volunteer webmaster-fan.

Click on a bookcover or one of the links to the left (listed in the order they were published) to read about or join the discussion on any one of his books.


1980: The Master Sniper: Stephen Hunter's first novel - WW2 military thriller
1982: Second Saladin: Hunter's second, more contemporary, military thriller
1985: Spanish Gambit: the third book, a WW1 military thriller
1985: Target: perhaps the oddest Hunter book, and the toughest to find
1989: Day Before Midnight: The comeback book, and a breakthrough commercial success for Hunter
1993: Point of Impact: His masterpeice?  Many think so... I think this is the one he could have quit his day job after.
1995: Violent Screen: Not a novel, but a compilation of his newspaper movie reviews, focusing on films noted for their violence
1994: Dirty White Boys: We meet the Pye family as the novels keep getting better.
1996: Black Light: Focusing on Earl Swagger for the first time
1998: Time To Hunt: the last Bob Lee Swagger book?
2000: Hot Springs:  Earl in Arkansas
2001: Pale Horse Coming: Earl goes south
2003: Havana: Earl goes way south
2007: The 47th Samurai: Bob Lee is back!
2008: Night Of Thunder: Bob Lee at NASCAR!
2005: American Gunfight: the story of Truman's attempted assassination

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